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Russian Kineograms - "Complicated Gymnastics Elements"

Kineograms are a series of gymnastics moves in a "frame by frame" stop-action sequence designed to be used as an educational tool for learning basic to elite level gymnastics skills.

1996 Kineograms available:Kineogram

Women's vault:

  1. Yurchenko with 720°
  2. Handspring forward and pike somersault with 1/2 twist

Women's bars:

  1. Double twist dismount
  2. Triple back somersault dismount

Women's Beam:

  1. RO-double back somersault with 360° turn dismount
  2. Back somersault with 360° turn

Women's floor:

  1. RO-FF-double back somersault with 360° turn in the first saulto
  2. Handspring double somersault forward
  3. RO-FF double somersault with 720° turn

Men's (or women's) vault:

  1. Somersault handspring forward
  2. Geinger over the bar
  3. Flight over the bar backward in hang (Tkachyov)
  4. Triple back somersault dismount
  5. Triple back somersault with 360° turn dismount
  6. 1 1/2 somersault backward over the bar (Kovach)
  7. Arched somersault backward with 540° turn in hand (Geinger with 540° turn)
  8. Arched body somersault forward with 360° turn in hang
  9. Flight over the bar, 1 1/2 somersault forward in reverse grasp hang
  10. The connection of three elements (Tkachyov-haf turn-somersault forward in hang)

Men's floor:

  1. RO-FF-triple back somersault

* Flight exercises on the high bar have the same technique as such exercises on the upper bar for women.

  • Set of 5 Kineograms: $40.00
  • Set of 10 Kineograms: $70.00
  • Set of 20 Kineograms: $120.00

Designate the kineograms you wish to purchase in sets of 5, 10, or all 20. The more you purchase, the better your value.

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